Suitable for spraying in spot application costly pesticides in Farms, Nursery, Shade Nets & Green House.

Aspee Avvenger sprayer electrically operated ultra low volume sprayer producing droplet/mist in the range of 5-50 microns. The sprayer consists of heavy duty blower assembly, nozzle assembly, nozzle housing, formulation tank capacity 4 Ltrs. and a SS Chrome plating brass metering valve.

Blow moulded 4 lit. tank
Light weight & portable
Easy to handle, trouble free
Adjustable output from 0 to 10 lit. per hour
Effective coverage with less spray solution
Discharge setting metering valve allows for easy control of output and droplets penetrate into cracks crevices for controlling insects in their natural hiding places
No visible trace of spray solutions resulting in clean environment

Discharge: 0 to 10 liter per hour
Spray partical size: 5-50 microns
Voltage: 230 v/ 50 hz
Motor rating: 1100 w/single phase
Motor rpm: 20,000 rpm
Cable required: 3 core flexible (40x36) 20amp minimum
Area of coverage: 2500 m /hour
Timer if provided: With soft start arrangement for motor
Speed of motor: Variable from 55 To 99% of 20,000 rpm
Weight: 4.35 kg (empty)